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Walking the Worms Head

The Gower Peninsula is truly special place. We visited three years ago for the first time and stayed at a campsite just outside Rhossili around the New Year. It was just before we bought our first campervan and we couldn't wait to come back with the camper in tow. I can't believe it took us three years to get back here. Note to self... never leave it that long again!

While we were here we were able to revisit one of our favourite walks, the Worms Head in Rhossili. Historically named 'Wurm' meaning 'Dragon', Worm's Head is shaped like a giant sea serpent and marks the most westerly tip of the Gower. It can only be accessed at 2.5hrs either side of low tide so be careful, if you're too slow you may find yourself on the Dragon for the night.

It is a fantastic and varied walk which takes you across really interesting terrain. It has hills to climb, rocks to scramble across, cracking views to admire and seals to spot bobbing in water. What more can you ask for? 

My favourite part of the walk is walking across Devil's Bridge (photo below).

If you haven't already this is definitely a walk to add to the bucket list. To see more of our walk head to YouTube channel.


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