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Commission a Campervan with Us


The beauty of a commissioning a fully bespoke conversion means we build a campervan completely around your unique needs. The possibilities are endless with this style of campervan. 

Our Commission Packages

Commissioning a campervan may seem like a daunting process but we're here to make it as simple and fun as it can possibly be which is why we've put together a selection of packages which are tried and tested layouts and designs that we know work well. These are complete conversions and all come with the same signature Camper Dreamin’ style and craftsmanship and are kitted out the with best quality products on the market. 

These packages are just a baseline to get started with. Layouts can be be changed and there are opportunities to downgrade and upgrade when it comes to specs. 

And let’s not forget you are here to put your own stamp on our style by choosing your tiles, cabinetry fixings, cushion fabrics and the all important core wall colour. Or if you’d rather, you are more than welcome to leave the whole process in our capable hands. 

Love our style but not our layouts? Then get in touch with your ideas and we can build around those.

Are we the right converters for you?

We hope that you’ve contacted us because you love the vans we create and style in which we do them. We pride ourselves on our Camper Dreamin’ signature style and know that others do too. We love combining natural timber with bold colours and modern features, so if this isn’t the style for you then we may not be the right converters for you. 

Which vans do we work with?

We love to work with all sizes and models of the Citroen Relay/Peugeot Boxer/Fiat Ducato range. We know these vans like the back of our hands now and we know they make great base vehicles for conversions. They are wider meaning we can maximise space, and light which allows for a better payload. When choosing our own base vehicle, these are what we personally opt for.


However, by no means does that limit which vans we are happy to work with and we completely understand that there may be a better base vehicle suited for your needs. 

Can we help source a base vehicle? 

We want our vans to be adventure ready from the base up which is why we endeavour to work with vans which have had an easy start in life, travelled few miles and been taken care of throughout to ensure our vehicles are ready for whatever their new owners throw at them. We are happy to help our clients source the right base vehicle as we know it can be an overwhelming process. We can help find suitable sales listings and be on the end of a video call to answer any questions during viewings. 


If you would like to discuss commissioning a campervan with us then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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