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The Camper Dreamin' Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner so we've put together a gift guide of quality, long lasting, much loved products for road trips, adventures and van living. All tried, tested and vouched for by us.

The Campout Cookbook | £11.19

This was given to us by a fantastic friend of ours and we absolutely love it. It's the perfect book for those who love to cook outdoors and enjoy the magic of cooking on an open flame under the stars.

The Campout Cookbook includes more than 75 recipes for wood-fired skillet pizzas; back country stews and chilies; fire-roasted vegetables and cast-iron breads; unexpected dips, jerkies, and high-energy bars; breakfasts to satisfy that yawning hunger that comes from sleeping in the fresh air; s'mores and cocktails, coolers, warm libations for those chilly nights.

Grab a copy here.

The Horizon Stove | £79

If you have been following our adventures you will know how much we love this stove. It's portable, eco-friendly and uses just a small amount of fuel to cook on. All the joy of cooking on an open flame but without the mess, the smoke and high carbon emissions. The design means you can easily carry when lit and it cools down quickly after you've used it.

From our morning cuppa to pizza on the beach to slow cooked chilli's under the stars, we've used this stove for everything and it's performed brilliantly every time.

This clever little stove comes from Anevay Stoves and you can purchase it here.

Ceramic Airplant Jellyfish | £13

We discovered these at Camp Quirky and instantly fell in love. These are lovingly handmade by Katie from clay and adorned with tentacles made from a cute little Air Plant. They survive without any soil, but will need to be hung in indirect bright light and given a weekly mist with water to keep them happy. They are very forgiving plants and are good for plant novices (I can vouch for this, I'm terrible with plants) and are perfect for life on the road. What's more amazing is Katie donates 10% of each jellyfish sold to Surfers Against Sewage.

These gorgeous jellyfish can be purchased here.

Kula Antimicrobial Pee Cloth | $22

Did I really just say pee cloth? Yes I did, and girls, it is an absolute GAME CHANGER! Forget the hassle of packing out dirty toilet paper or baby wipes or relying on the not so pleasant drip dry approach, why not use this eco friendly, soft and absorbent quick drying cloth instead? Just hang on your pack to dry and wash it at the end of the day. It may sound a bit 'ewww' but honestly, it doesn't smell, you can fold it over to hide anything unpleasant and what's more, it's a perfect product to go hand in hand with a Leave No Trace philosophy.  Buy your Kula Cloth here

Kula Cloth is based in the USA so this one is more for our American friends. I paid for customs fees and accepted the carbon footprint of ordering it to the UK.

Organic Mountain Hand Tee by Tessa Lyons | £25

Our absolute favourite artist has a range of organic tee's with her prints and designs.

"As an artist and climber, I'm interested in the visual appeal of geology. Why it is that alpinists are drawn to certain mountains, or why rock climbers describe their routes as beautiful. As a climber I want to experience these places, but as an artist I want to capture the essence of them." - Tessa Lyons

Grab a tee or print from Tessa's shop here.

Wall Mounted Bear Bottle Opener | £15

It's a bear and it opens bottles. Enough said!

We had one in the last van and already have one ready for The Grizzly. Well with a van named The Grizzly how can we not? It takes a while to master it (my first attempt involved spraying the van with beer) but it makes a cute addition to any rolling home.

Grab a grizzly here.

Beanie by Passenger Clothing | £20

If you haven't heard of Passenger Clothing yet go check them out. Based in the New Forest, this ethically and environmentally driven brand plants a tree for every product purchased. So far they have planted 30,000 varied native species around the globe. I have been buying from these guys for years and they are the real deal. Quality well thought out gear for those who love to travel. I live in my Passenger beanie and know it will stand the test of time. They have tonnes of designs and can be purchased here.

Bears Don't Care About Your Problems by Brendan Leonard | £14.35

If you’ve ever considered the absurdity of sleeping on the ground in a place where bears live, pooping in a bag on a glacier, or trying to teach someone you love a sport that scares them to the point of loudly threatening to kill you in front of strangers, this book will make you howl with laughter. This book is funny, informative and offers a great perspective on life. I've even started using his references in my therapy practice.   

Grab a copy here.

The North Face Tent Mules | £31.95

We each have a pair of these and they keep our feet toasty warm in the van when the floor is not so toasty warm. Again, tried and tested and 100% vouched for. 

Come in a whole load of designs for men and women.

Purchase one of many designs here.

Sea to Summit X Pots | £34.94 and up

These are really handy collapsable cooking pots. We have both the 1.4 litre and 2.8 litre and they work brilliantly in the van or or out in the wilds. They collapse down to flat discs which save on cupboard and backpack space.

Prices vary greatly. The best we found were on Amazon here.

The Mountains Are Calling Cushion | £16.88

We can't count how many times people have asked us where they can get this cushion. Well here it is guys! Red Bubble also do a tonne of other designs. We also got our Yosemite cushion from them.

Grab a cushion here.


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