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Passionately living and breathing campervans, on the road and in the workshop.


From car camping in Australia to RV adventures in the USA, from fully off grid travelling in Scotland to road tripping across Europe, we’ve accumulated years of adventure experience on the road and we channel all that knowledge into our campervan layouts and designs.

Combined with our years of experience converting and crafting campervans and our passion for creating beautiful and unique spaces, we feel we have a winning formula to create truly special campervans. Behind the beauty of our builds, practicality is at the root, with all elements working in harmony to make travelling on the road, whether part time or full time, as simple and easy as possible.

Our passion and pride of delivering quality craftsmanship goes into every element of our conversions from our base tried and tested insulation system all the way through to the signature Camper Dreamin’ finishing touches.

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