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Product Links | The Grizzly

From gas, water and electrics to furnishings and items that we use on the road. Here is an extensive list of all of our most asked after items used in The Grizzly.


Gas Heater - Whale Heat Air 4g


Solar Panel - 120w by Sun Store

Solar Charger - EPever DuoRacer

1500 Wh Solar Power Station - PowerOak EB150

500 Wh Solar Power Station - PowerOak AC50s

Portable Solar Panel - PowerOak S120


Gas Heater - Whale Heat Air 4g

Underslung Gas Tank - Gas It EasyFit 15l Tank

Underslung Hot Water Tank (8L) - Whale Expanse Water Heater

Hob - No longer available


Accumulator - Fiamma Expansion Tank

Underslung Hot Water Tank (8L) - Whale Expanse Water Heater

Underslung Fresh Water Tank (66L) - Leisure Lines Tank Kit

Shower Outlet - Whale Elegance Tap

Pressure Washer Outlet - Whale Easi-Slide Water Out Socket

Ventilation & Windows


Kitchen Worktop - Bespoke Oak 22mm Worktop by Worktop Express

Cladding - Softwood Timber Cladding by Wickes

Kitchen & Dining

Table Top - Leftover Work Top


Bike Drawer Sliders - Heavy Duty Drawer Runners

Roof Deck

Composite Decking - Marko Decking Boards


Cushions & Pouches - Bespoke by Catupholstery

Hearth Tiles - Pressed Patina Tiles

Mattress - Ikea Foam Mattress (cut to size)

Bed Underlay - Dry-Mat Underlay

Pennant - Hungry & Humble Pennant by Not The Safe Route

Geometric Bear - Bear Head by Bear & Rose

On the Road

Projector Screen - 40" Duronic Projector Screen

Projector Mount - Tuggui Ceiling Mount 13.5cm

Stove Top Oven - Omnia Oven

Outdoor Woodburning Stove - Frontier Stove by Anevay Stoves

Inflatable Paddle Board - iRocker Cruiser

For more info about our build check out our Instagram page and YouTube channel.


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