The Camper Dreamin' Story

Our greatest love has always been to travel. Everyone who knows us, knows we are always planning the next big adventure. Over the recent years, the focus of our travels began to be less about new countries and cultures and more about losing ourselves in nature and wilderness. We swapped hostels for campervan rentals, opted for wheels instead of wings and took to the roads to feed our travel bug. We fell in love with the lifestyle and were instantly hooked.

The Camper Dreamin' story started in January 2017 when we picked up an old painters van and converted her into the ultimate adventure wagon, lovingly known as Yosemite. After many adventures on the road, many countries travelled and with a new love of van building, it didn’t take us long to dream up our next van and we soon started our second conversion, now known as The Grizzly. The Grizzly incorporated everything we loved in Yosemite and got levelled up and since we were grounded during lockdowns we had a lot of time to perfect it into the greatest adventure van yet. The Grizzly is now living the adventurous life it was destined for and we are loving every second of being back on the road. 

Our passion for transforming vans into adventure campervans however did not stop there and has now has steered us onto our biggest adventure yet - Camper Dreamin’ Conversions. Our first conversion as a new business, a Citroen Relay called Zorro, couldn't have been more successful and was sold within 24 hours. We are still pinching ourselves that we may have found a way to turn our passion of building vans into a sustainable living. 


As before we'll be cataloguing all builds and adventures our Instagram, blog, TikTok and You Tube channel.