Our Story

We are Izzy, Laurie & Bear and we love all things adventure both big and small. Whether it's van building, road tripping, climbing, hiking or fire cooking, we live for the moments when we can hit the road, lose ourselves in The Great Outdoors and break free from our working weeks. 

Our greatest love has always been to travel. Everyone who knows us, knows we are always planning the next big adventure. Over the recent years, the focus of our travels began to be less about new countries and cultures and more about losing ourselves in nature and wilderness. We swapped hostels for campervan rentals, opted for wheels instead of wings and took to the roads to feed our travel bug. We fell in love with the lifestyle and were instantly hooked!

The Camper Dreamin' story started in January 2017 when we picked up an old painters van and converted her into the ultimate adventure wagon, lovingly known as Yosemite. After many adventures on the road and with a new love of van building, it didn’t take us long to dream up our next van and soon started our second conversion, now known as The Grizzly. 

Our passion for transforming vans into adventure campervans didn't stop there and has now has steered us into a whole new adventure - Camper Dreamin’ Conversions. We're not currently taking commissions but stay tuned! We’ll be cataloguing all builds and adventures our Instagram, blog, TikTok and You Tube channel.